A head to head comparison of a 2019 Ford F-150 to a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado in Ergonomics near Jasper, GA.

  • North Georgia Ford Journal
  • Jun 21st 2020 - 890 days ago
  • Jasper, GA
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Compared To Chevrolet Silverado 2019

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In case you lock your keys in your vehicle, or don’t have them with you, you can let yourself in using the F-150’s standard exterior keypad (not available on F-150 XL). The Silverado doesn’t offer an exterior keypad entry system, and its extra cost OnStar® can’t unlock the doors if the vehicle doesn’t have cell phone reception or the driver can’t contact the service.

The F-150’s standard speed-sensitive wipers speed up when the vehicle does, so that the driver doesn’t have to continually adjust the speed of the wipers. The Silverado’s manually variable intermittent wipers have to be constantly adjusted. The F-150’s optional wipers adjust their speed and turn on and off automatically according to the amount of rainfall on the windshield.

To keep a safe, consistent following distance, the F-150 (except XL/XLT) offers an optional Adaptive Cruise Control, which alters the speed of the vehicle without driver intervention. This allows the driver to use cruise control more safely without constantly having to disengage it when approaching slower traffic. The Silverado doesn’t offer an adaptive cruise control.

The F-150 (except XL/XLT)’s optional Park Assist can parallel park or back into a parking spot by itself, with the driver only controlling speed with the brake pedal. The Silverado doesn’t offer an automated parking system.